Definition of Beauty

The beautiful nose can be a diamond of the face. If it is too wide, curved disproportional it will undermine an otherwise attractive face. The perception of beauty is founded on the underlying principle of symmetry. Therefore the goal of the Rhinoplasty is to restore harmony between your nose and the face.

If you believe your nose is not in harmony with your face, then you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty

Form can not be without Function

Rhinoplasty surgery or better known as a nose job is a unique procedure because the surgeon needs to see your nose the same way as you, understand your problem and to shape the nose accordingly. Furthermore, besides the aesthetical part, the function of the nose needs assessing and if required improved upon. That is why Dr Levente,  your  rhinoplasty surgeon received the training to be able to manage   both the aesthetic and the functional problem of your nose in the same time.

Open or Closed technique

The rhinoplasty can be performed either in open or closed technique depending on the complexity of the problems. The differences between these two approaches is small, only half centimeter skin cut in the bottom of your nose which is not visible at all. The swelling following the open procedure slightly longer, but the outcome is more predictable.

For minor tip refinement or smooth hump reduction the closed approach is advised, however better long-term results are achieved with the open technique, if you have prominent deformation, asymmetry or revision rhinoplasty.

If you believe your nose is not in harmony with your face, then you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty


Dr Levente is an expert in the nasal surgical field.  Completed his Rhinoplasty training program in Chicago, Milano and London. Member of European Academy of Facial Plastic  Surgery and Royal Collage of Surgeon. Licensed under GMC (UK), DHA, DHCC (UAE) . International known speaker for nasal shape and function sessions.  Performing only nasal surgeries on a daily basis. His premise “Since all of us are unique, each nose needs to be tailored to its individual features“

Dr Levente is committed to make the The Right Nose which best to suits to your face.

About dr. Levente

Chin Augmentation

To achieve and get a beautiful face, in certain conditions the chin has to be augmented to reach harmony. We are offering both surgical and non-surgical chin augmentation together with your nasal operation. The non-surgical chin augmentation performed in the healing time period after the rhinoplasty. The advantage of delayed process, you can decide how much augmentation you need.

Filler and Botox

Since the goal of rhinoplasty is to achieve the best for you, usually on the fifth post-op. day we are preforming the botox and filler touch ups based on your individual needs. Combining these techniques, you will be guaranteed to have an amazing transformation.

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The first step, to meet with Dr Levente

To achieve the desired outcome, we will have an in-depth consultation in order to analyze all your problems and the result we would like to achieve.
We ask you to identify at least three main problems which need solving; eg. Straight dorsal line, hump removal, smaller tip, better airways etc.
New look
Dr Levente will examine your nose from inside out and explain step- by –step all surgical options for you, followed by digital imaging.
The final meeting happens a couple of days before the surgery. Then we will review your case, presenting pictures about your new desired nose shape and answer any other questions you might have.
Before the big day

We advise that you stop smoking as soon as possible and avoid extensive sun exposure. Also, there are certain foods to be avoided, as they affect the development of blood clotting, like: Aspirin, Vitamin E, St John’s wort, dietary supplement, Otrivine, NSAID, garlic, ginseng, at least 2 weeks prior of the surgery.

Also, any facial injectable material you might have done must be shared with us.

Waking up after the surgery - the first 24 hours
  • Following nasal surgery, most of our patients are amazed by how little pain they experience. The inability to breathe through the nose for the first 12 hours is the most common concern.
  • During recovery, the head of the bed will be slightly elevated, and an ice gel will be placed around your eyes and forehead. Fluids will be provided as soon as possible to refuel the body. The nose could be blocked, depending on the surgical method, but all the pack will be removed within 12 hours post operatively. Do not blow your nose after the surgery for 7 days

The first week at home

  • After couple hours of the procedure you can go home. You may get a bloodstained/pinkish discharge for two days, but it will settle down after proper nasal irrigation with nasal saline.
  • Hydrogen peroxide should applied only around the nostrils to clean the skin and the wound
  •  Fucidin ointment should be applied to the nostrils by using Q tip
  • The nasal cast can be wet during showering after 4 days
  • During sleeping  the bed should be raised by pillows for 3 wwks
  • Nasal skin should be moisturized by ZO Skin (@zoskinhealth) Revitratol 
  • Protect your nose from sun damage   use high SPF
  • Before leaving the clinic, we show you, how to tape your nose for the next couple days and teach you how to perform the nasal massage for another 3 weeks.
  • During the healing time, it is advised to avoid form very hot baths and showers, blow your nose gently and only moderate physical activity allowed. Wearing glasses which has contact with your nose, could deform the nasal bones therefore it is better to use contact lenses.


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