A beautiful nose can shine as a diamond on you. If you believe your nose is not in harmony with your face, rhinoplasty by @drlevente is the right choice
Nose & Sinus
Blocked nose & recurrent sinus infection effectively can be treated nowadays with minimal invasive Endoscopic Surgery method. This non traumatic approach designed to restore your nasal function in an effective manner.
Snoring clinic
Snoring has often been the subject of jokes without knowing it could be a major life shortening disease!
Anti ageing
The clock of time can’t be stopped but your aging marks can be erased. Harley Street trained injector would help you to show how.
Dr. Levente - The right nose

Dr Levente Deak MD PhD is a European board certified nasal surgeon who is an active member of the Royal Collage of Surgeon and the European Academy of the Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS). Has over 15 years of outstanding experience in Rhinoplasty, advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) and nasal airway management including nasal septum and turbinate correction. Due to his defined skills, in The Right nose Clinic most of the surgical types are minimal invasive ,same day procedures.


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