Repairing the eardrum

Myringoplasty is an operation carried out to repair a hole in the eardrum. The operation is necessary to:

  • Avoid recurrent ear infections
  • Protect the middle ear
  • Improve hearing, if there is a conductive hearing loss due to eardrum perforation
  • Enable patients to swim or get their ear wet without facing infection as a consequence

How is the procedure performed?

The operation is performed within 30-60 minutes, under light narcosis. It involves taking a piece of small tissue from behind the ear in the hairline to use as a graft. This graft is then slipped behind the eardrum to cover the perforation. At the end of the surgery your ear is packed with special light ribbons therefore, you can leave our hospital after a couple hours.

Expectations and Advice following the surgery:

  • You can go home on the same day
  • There will be some packing inside your ear, to be removed after 7 days
  • Do expect sensations of ear blockage while having the pack in your ear
  • Do expect mild dizziness / instability of balance
  • You may have a small bloodstained discharge “ooze” in the first 24-48 hrs
  • Do not expect any improvement in hearing in the first few weeks after packs are removed
  • There should be no increase in pain, discharge or bleeding
  • Avoid getting water on the wound or in the ear
  • Off work / school for about 3 days

Why Dr Levente?

Dr Levente gained his deep knowledge and nasal surgical skills in UCL London and Cambridge University to provide you the most accurate and less minimal invasive treatment.Using minimal invasive keyhole surgical method – endoscope- can minimize the trauma for the nose provide effective and long term treatment. Combining with navigation system, where the doctor realtime can see your nasal CT scan image during the surgery, not only the effectiveness of the surgery can be improved  with less anesthesia time.

He is performing only nasal surgeries on a daily bases.  Only in Dubai more than 5000 cases performed with highest satisfaction rate.

His premise “Since all of us are unique, each nose needs to be tailored to its own individual needs“

Dr. Levente - The right nose


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