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Function of Nose

The unique sevenths functions of the nose help you to exist on earth. It’s one of the most versatile and elegant organs of the human body. Nasal blockage, lost of smell or ongoing nasal discharge can  severely affect the quality of your life.  Only perfect nose can give you the life what you deserve.

Our goal at The Right Nose Clinic is to provide effective treatment  for your  nasal problems

The nose provides you the primary route for breathing. When you are breathing the air became moisturized, humidified and filtered from dust, pollen and germs. Also, it warms up the air to be perfect for your lungs and also protect you from unpleasant irritating agent. The nose determines your voice, and your facial characteristic.

Since the nose is an air filter, after being constantly exposed to dust and chemicals the nose became obstructed especially at night. Also repeated nasal infection will lead to impaired nasal sinus ventilation which represented as recurrent nasal infection.

When should you schedule a consultation with us

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms better to visit our clinic

  • Reduced nasal breathing / blocked nose
  • Ongoing nasal discharge
  • Repeated nasal or sinus infection
  • Unsolved ongoing sinus related problems
  • Bad smell or any strange odour sensation
  • Pressure or pain around the nose and sinus region

The Right Nose Clinic in Dubai is a fully equipped facility with the most advanced imaging technologies like on-site CT and MRI and the newest minimal invasive surgical tools like laser, radiofrequency or navigation guided sinus surgery.

What treatment you can find here:

All our procedures are day case

  • Rhinoplasty / Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Septoplasty -correction of deviated nasal septum
  • Turbinoplasty – (shawer ,coablation,laser)
  • Non-surgical – liquid – Rhinoplasty
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with advanced navigation system
  • Management of snoring and sleep disorders
  • Sinus Ballonoplasty
  • Diagnostic Nasal endoscopy

A consultation with Dr Levente helps you to understand better any problems you may have and the options available to restore full functionality of the nose.

Why Dr Levente?

Dr Levente gained his deep knowledge and nasal surgical skills in UCL London and Cambridge University to provide you the most accurate and less minimal invasive treatment.Using minimal invasive keyhole surgical method – endoscope- can minimize the trauma for the nose provide effective and long term treatment. Combining with navigation system, where the doctor realtime can see your nasal CT scan image during the surgery, not only the effectiveness of the surgery can be improved  with less anesthesia time.

He is performing only nasal surgeries on a daily bases.  Only in Dubai more than 5000 cases performed with highest satisfaction rate.

His premise “Since all of us are unique, each nose needs to be tailored to its own individual needs“

Dr. Levente - The right nose

When do I need the Sinus Surgery?

Sinusitis usually presented as ongoing postnasal discharge, pain pressure around the involved sinus with nasal blockage. The goal of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS) is to renew sinus ventilation which becomes physically obstructed following chronic sinus infection or nasal polyps. F

unctional endoscopic sinus surgery combined with the most advanced navigation system will assure you to have the maximal benefit with minimal intervention.

The surgery is performed through the nostrils, so no black eyes or scars are seen on the face after the procedure. The recovery is quick, after 3 days normal lifestyle can be maintained.

Long-term conservative sinusitis treatment alone (antibiotics or nasal sprays) does not offer a permanent solution in most of the cases; therefore, together with the EES procedure, an excellent predictable long-term outcome can be achieved.

What is Septoplasty?

The nose is divided in the middle by two partitions. The mid wall is called the nasal septum which often bends to either side caused by past injuries or directly through natural growth.

That deviation makes the two nostrils uneven causing reduction of the airflow. Correction of the midline- septoplasty-  opens up space and help you to get free airflow. Due to fine instruments and precise  surgical skills, the operation is now a day-case procedure and pain free. Only light packing inserted if needed.

Why do I need Turbinoplasty?

Your nose is an air filter, and sometimes after being exposed to a high volume of dust and chemicals the nasal filter -called turbinates- becomes enlarged and obstructs the nose, especially at night. If so, the “side cushions” are trimmed to improve the nasal airway but maintain its filtering function.

At the Right Nose Clinic, Dubai, we use the most advanced and least invasive methods to give you the best outcome with minimum downtime. The actual method is selected based on your needs. Nasal packing is seldom necessary, meaning you can return home on the same day with saline nasal drops which we advise you take for a couple of days.

Before your surgery

We advise that you stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake as soon as possible. Irrigate your nose with saline daily and if required maintain the nasal steroid. Avoid from direct sun exposure of the nose. For certain cases we advise to take oral steroid in the morning after the breakfast for three days prior the surgery.

Also, certain foods have to be avoided, as they affect the development of blood clotting like

Aspirin, Otrivine, NSAID pills, garlic, ginseng and all dietary supplement for at  least 2 weeks prior of the surgery.

Waking up after the surgery - the first 24 hours

Following nasal surgery, most of our patients are amazed by how little pain they experience. The inability to breathe through the nose for the first 8 hours is the most common concern

  • During recovery, the head of the bed will be slightly elevated, and an ice gel will be placed around your eyes and forehead. Fluids will be provided as soon as possible to refuel the body. The nose could be blocked, depending on the surgical method, but all the pack will be removed within 12 hours post operatively. Do not blow your nose after the surgery for 7 days

The first week at home

  • After a couple of hours after the procedure you can go home and based on the procedure type, the follow up is either 72 hours or 7 days after. You may get a bloodstained/pinkish discharge for two days, but it will settle down after a proper nasal irrigation with nasal saline. It is normal for the nose to feel blocked for several days and up to two weeks after the surgery, as the internal swelling settles.
  • The provided peroxide will help you to clean your nostrils
  • Irrigation of  the nose with saline  every three hours is mandatory for the fast recovery
  • Fucidine ointments should be applied three times daily for in 7 days after the nasal cleaning
  • Please don’t blow your nose and avoid any exercise which would increase your heart rate
  • During the healing time, it is advised to avoid form very hot baths and showers
  • Direct sun exposure and smoky & dusty atmosphere should be avoided


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