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Turbinates are elongated side cushion tissues in the nose that contain bone and are covered with glandular tissue which produce mucus. For allergy, infection, pollution or sudden heat changes are able to swell up and block your nose. If the blockage became permanent and disturbing  your life than you need to consult with Dr Levente  for solution.

How is turbinoplasty performed?

The goal of the procedure is to trim these lower  “side cushions” on the sidewall of the nose to improve nasal airflow.  Prior the surgery we will asses your origins of the problem – bony of soft tissue so the best  minimally invasive method could be use to achieve quick and effective outcome.

Nasal packing is not necessary. Nasal drops are advised for a couple days to maintain the clear nose. The patient is usually discharged two hours after procedure. There are no black eyes, external incisions or change the shape of the nose.

Before your surgery

We advise that you stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake as soon as possible. Irrigate your nose with saline daily and if required maintain the nasal steroid.

Also, certain foods have to be avoided, as they affect the development of blood clotting like Aspirin, Vitamin E, St John’s wort, all dietary supplement, Otrivine, NSAID pills, garlic, ginseng at least 2 weeks prior of the surgery.

In the Hospital – first six hours

You may wake up with some packing in your nose to stop any bleeding. If present, this should be left alone and will be removed by your doctor when appropriate.

  • Do not blow your nose for 7 days
  • If you experience any pain, please call the nurse and the pain easily can be managed by regular painkiller

The first week at home

  • You may get a blood stain / pinkish discharge for a few days. The bleeding gets less and less as the days go by, but there may still be a little “spotting” on your handkerchief even up to a few weeks after the surgery. This is common.
  • Avoid all moderate and heavy physical activity, including sport for ten days after the operation. Avoid bending down to pick things up, especially heavy weights. Active sport should not be commenced for two weeks after the surgery, and even then, it should be increased gradually
  • It is normal for the nose to be feel blocked for several days  and up to two weeks after the surgery, as the swelling settles.
  • You must irrigate your nose frequently “douching” at least 3 times a day with the saline solution provided to clear away scabs and crusting which occurs after the operation.
  • Avoid smoky and dusty atmospheres if possible, as this may irritate the nasal lining.
  • Avoid very hot baths and showers.
  • If you take aspirin, please discuss this with Dr. Levente, as you may need to avoid taking it, since it could potentially increase the risk of nasal bleeding.
  • It is  advised not to drive for 48 hours, because of the effects  of the general anesthetic.


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